Daily Archives: January 12, 2009

Better than…


I have been doing a lot of thinking during the past few weeks. I have been reflecting upon myself. I know I am a good person…but why? I have tried to decide what makes me who I am. I have tried to figure out what attracts people to me. Sure, I am funny and decent looking but I don’t think that is it. I am also not trying to suggest that a lot of people have been attracted by me either. I am talking about an attraction of anyone such as friends, strangers, customers at my job, anyone at all. I also know that it is not possible to please everyone. Even if  Iwas the most love person on the planet, I would make a decision or take a stand which would be on the opposition of someone elses view. So, I am not the most loved character in the world, who cares? Let’s get back to who I am. What is it that I do? I have a mediochre job and  I am 27 years old and still attending college. I don’t have any real hobbies. I quote movie lines on a daily basis as converastional pieces. I am fairly lazy and I never have money. I sound like a total loser, yet there are still people that have a desire to be with me. Friends call me up or text me and ask me to go out. My family is upset when I don’t come around for a visit. My wife even wants to spend time with me. Why? I can only make guesses. It might be my easy going attitude or my calm demeanor. It might be my innocent look. It might be my philosophical views of the world. It feels good though. As I reflect upon myself I see someone that cannot really be taken advantage of. Who is going to use me? And furthermore, why? I have nothing to offer but myself. I have figured out that people only like ME. People don’t like my money or my car or my job or my beauty or my lack of possesions. They only like me as a human being. This is an amazing revelation. I believe it is important for everyone to look into the mirror once and a while and find out what type of person they are. It is a good feeling when you reveal your true self.