Getting back…

I figured I would start you off with something sweet and funny. I am just trying to get back mentally and physically from my 14 day vacation. I had an amazing time in Germany. I came back home and got right into the swing of everyday life again. I headed back to work in full jetlag mode, miserable and irritable. I have already kicked off 2009 with ambition. I am trying to work on an invention idea with my boss. I will most likely ask for the help of my readers in the near future. I can’t get into specifics about the product because I don’t have a patent yet and if I told you I would have to kill you. I also look forward to presenting you with more passionate writing styles and perhaps more on foundations like Invisible Children. I think it is really important to spread the word on foundations like these. I look forward to reading all of your posts and I hope to keep the readers I have attracted in 2008 and I always welcome new readers. Enjoy.

P.s.- This is a much darker post on my blogger account.


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4 responses to “Getting back…

  • ilka

    hi justin, happy belated new year to you. i already saw a couple of pictures of the big day in potsdam and i am really, really sad circumstances didn’t make it possible for me to be with you guys. but i hope time will gives us another chance to meet. i am sorry to hear you poor thing had to go back to work immediately. that must have been hard and i thought i would get crazy by getting told from ute you guys flew back a couple hours after the party. wow. i will absolutely comment on your side, since i think you have great subjects and a great way to write. hugs to ute and i hope you enjoy your weekend.
    take care,

  • jcow81

    @ Ilka- Yeah we missed you there. It would have been great to finally meet you in person. Maybe you can come and visit us here in CT. I know times are tough right now…for everyone, but flights are really cheap. I am sad that I don’t get to read your blog anymore. Maybe you might consider writing again… =) Well, thank you for commenting. Keep in touch.

  • Romi

    oh my gosh…..”’cause I’m gonna take you down to tasty town”?!?!?!


    …and dude, those high-waisted orange short-shorts he was wearing almost made me throw up…why Justin? why??????

    ….hilarious and gross, my favourite combo ;-)

    Well anyhoo, you are such a trooper for getting all crazy with work again, but that’s life right, you kind of had to…relax tonight and watch the Golden Globes, hope some good movies win some good awards :-) …but I’m gonna PVR it and forward the boring parts, which is most of it…lol ;-)

    PS: welcome back to blogging world 2009, look forward to seeing what you’ve got in your pocket :-)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- I don’t think you want what is in my pockets Romi. There is some lint and crushed dreams and maybe a coin or two. Yes, Ute is forcing me to watch the Globes tonight. Ugh! Haha. I am glad you enjoyed Trale Lewous. That shit is funny.

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