Not goin anywhere a while?


Hello! Greetings from Deutschland. We got here…barely. We knew that the weather would have a slight impact on the flight situation. Ute checked with the airline and the airport before we left and they said everything was fine. When we got to the check-in they even rushed us and told us if we didn’t hurry we would miss our flight. Well…we were scheduled for a 7:30 pm flight, we did not board until 1:45 am. WTF?! We were even encouraged by the pilot from DELTA to contact Delta and complain. He said in 12 years, he had not seen something like that. We did not even have seats while we waited 7 hours in New York. Something good came from all this, we met 2 very nice people. They spent the entire 7 hours talking with us and sharing different stories. It was nice to make friends in a horrible situation. A stranger is a friend I haven’t met yet. = ) Take care all. Greetings and merry X-mas!!!!!


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2 responses to “Not goin anywhere a while?

  • romi41

    Glad you made it there safely, and I miss you two already !(haha…and I only know you on the Internet so far…just goes to show, Internet can bring people together too! But face-to-face still rules ;-) )

  • romi41

    And oh yeah: Merry Christmas! :-)

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