Today marks the final day of 2008’s Schools for Schools program. The money and book amounts are being added up and the winners are being chosen. The 2nd golden ticket winner has also been found. The winner of the golden ticket will get a free trip to Uganda in order to see how the money is being used. There is still One golden ticket available. You have the chance to go to Uganda by purchasing the GO documentary. You may purchase this dvd at the IC website. It was also announced that due to more attacks by the LRA, militaries around Uganda have joined forces and began ground and air attacks in order to combat the rebel army. The United States made a statement saying that these defensive attacks are good. Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA refused to sign peace documents and is still abducting the Invisible Children of Uganda. The military is looking to stop Kony. Go to The Invisible Children website to see updates. Enjoy!!


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