Schools for Schools

The Invisible Children have made such an impact in Uganda. Peace talks have started but that does not help these childen to get where they need to be. They live in war torn areas of the world. Although the threat of the rebels still lingers, many of the children just want one thing…EDUCATION! The things you and I take fro granted like books, supplies, housing and teachers are things they do not have. The Invisible Children started a campaign called Schools for Schools. Schools in the Uniterd States have creative fund raisers and book drives in order to raise money for the schools in Uganda. The money earned will build schools and buy supplies and pay teachers and mentors. Schools for Schools!


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4 responses to “Schools for Schools

  • romi41

    That was a great video and what a great concept; it’s the kind of thing that broadens the perspective of young Westernized minds early on, and that will only make the future society of grown-ups less “asshole-ish” and ignorant ;-)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- I think it is an amazing idea. It is strange to think that we can help people in so many creative ways. Ideas like this are so innovative and it does not require that much effort. Thanks!

  • romi41

    My t-shirt arrived! My t-shirt arrived! My Invisible Children T-Shirt arrived!!! :-) I will take a pic of myself wearing it this week and post it on my Facebook; you know to spread the word again (and maybe to be a little narcissistic, hahaha ;-) )

  • jcow81

    @Romi- That is awesome! Hahaa. That is cool. Spread the word any way you can. =)

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