Black is for Sunday (4 of 5)

Sunday is a child who sees the pain and suffering in Uganda. He knows how these children live. He sees the financial struggles as well. He wants to become a doctor so he can save some of these people. Even though he can see how bad it is where he lives, he still wants to stay and help. Black is for Sunday.


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2 responses to “Black is for Sunday (4 of 5)

  • romi41

    There wouldn’t have been anything wrong with him wanting to leave, but the fact that he wants to say and help, I think it really makes each of feel like little people with little hearts..haha…but that’s good! It’s an encouragement to do more :-)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- No, I actually praise him for wanting to stay. That is so courageous. I think I would want to get the ef out! These kids are so good but it makes you wonder how we would react in that situation. I think if we grew up like that we would want to stay and help too.

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