Thank You!!


I just want to post a thank you note to everyone that has read my recent blog posts regarding The Invisible Children. I know that some of you have even bought merchandice from the IC website. Thanks to you, these children will be one step closer to a success story. Thanks to the show of support for these posts I will continue writing entries about Invisible Children in the month of December. I have decided to start a series dedicated to the Children. There is a reason these children are referred to as The Invisible Children…nobody knows who they are! Nobody should be invisible, especially these children. Each of these children has a name and an important story to tell. This is why I have chosen to make a series dedicated to 5 of the Invisible Children. You will meet an invisible child every day for 5 days. Once you hear their stories and know their names, they are no longer invisible. I know there are a lot of devistating tragedies in the world but this one has really become one that I feel dedicated to. I see so much hope and promise in these children and I think they deserve a chance to be seen in the world. Thank you!!


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