Blue is for Rosaline (1 of 5)

Meet Rosaline, she is the first of five invisible children you will be meeting. Rosaline has a very sad story to tell. Many other children in Uganda share the same story as Rosaline. The Invisible Children started the bracelet campaign in order to give names to these unseen children. Blue is for Rosaline.



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3 responses to “Blue is for Rosaline (1 of 5)

  • romi41

    Oh my goodness, that last line “spiderman come and save me”…I have tears in my eyes and I am at work!!!! Well that’s okay, it’s Friday and I didn’t comb my hair either, so there’s no one to impress! But anyway, wow…I love that you’ll be posting these! Keep it up :-)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- Yeah, honestly, I did get all teary eyed too. The part where the volunteer girl breaks down is so sad. These kids seem so good. They don’t deserve what is happening to them. All they want is to be able to live life and make something of themselves. Thank you for watching.

  • cyndi

    Yeah romi I tryed 5 times to watch this at work but couldn’t get through it without tearing up. Had to wait to come home to watch. Love Roseline and hope the best for her. Her braclett is on my wish list for xmas. Peace to all invisable children

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