The Image of the Invisible

We’re more than carbon and chemicals, we are the image of the invisible.” (Thrice)

My last post was about The Invisible Children. I have posted previously about IC and I cannot stress enough how important it is. I have told some people about IC and I get responses like “Why are we worrying about other countries when we have dying people here?” or “I’m not going to donate.” I don’t think you realize how lucky we are in the U.S. Sure, we are going through a recession right now, the job market sucks, and we can’t afford as many presents this year. In Uganda, these children have no families. They suffer from illnesses that cannot be cured because they were shut out by their own government. Why help people in another country? My answer, They are still people…and they need the help more than you do. The sacrifices that you and I would have to make in order to help these children would not even affect our daily lives, while changing theirs 100% !!


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4 responses to “The Image of the Invisible

  • san

    I bought a shirt for J. He’ll love it.

  • jcow81

    @San- That is awesome. I hope he really likes it. Spread the word. Its not even like you are just donating and not getting anything in return. They have really quality stuff. Thanks =)

  • romi41

    That was a really empassioned post…I totally agree…sometimes people are so unwilling to look outside of their own living room, but like you said, we are ALL people!!!

    PS:…my t-shirt is officially in the mail, woo-hoo! Can’t wait to wear it, thanks for the important awareness you’ve had here on the blog, it has already made a difference! :-)

  • jcow81

    Thank you. That is really nice of you to see. It feels nice to know I make a difference. Sometimes I feel insignificant in this huge world. I hope you will enjoy your purchase! =)

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