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End of the road…


The year was full of mixed emotions which will certainly linger on into 2009. Corporations crumbled, jobs were lost by the thousands, a pointless war claimed many more innocent lives, history was made during an election, Santa became a murderer in L.A. and I became a blogger and you found The Invisible Children. I am positive that 2009 will make more history and a lot of 2008 will be forgotten. We will find ourselves scratching our heads and asking, “What was the name of that bank that used to be on the corner?” Much of 2008 will be remembered though, a black president! America has changed the worlds view. Europeans hated us for voting twice for George Bush. I was ashamed to say I was American when I visited Europe over the past few years, but now it is like a breath of fresh air.  As I sit writing this post for you in an Internet cafe in Germany, I can tell you that things are different. Everybody here talks about America and Obama and change. I have heard people use the famous “Yes we can” slogan, made famous by Obama. The year must come to an end…and today is it’s final day. As 2008 passes away I wonder if it will rest in peace or if people will keep digging it back up. The economy is in shambles and a lot of policies which continued through 2008 led to the downfall of monstrous enterprises and foundations. The pillars of Auto makers are cracking and unless there is a big change, they will  fall and turn to dust. What will change in 2009 around the world? Politics, energy, ideals, religion, war, immigration, education… these are all possibilities. Nothing will change unless we are willing to help. 2009 should be an opportunity! An opportunity for all of us to help. Help in any way you can. Protest against governments that are immoral, donate your time to underprivileged children, offer pocket change to beggars who need it more than you, hold a door for someone, say thank you, listen to someone who needs to talk. We must change in order for there to be a change. Remember 2008 for all of the positive things it offered. Forget about a horrid economy or a Santa killer or a hostage slaughter in India. Enter 2009 with a positive attitude and welcome change. Be willing to help!  Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you for reading my blog in 2008. CHEERS!!



2008 Results


The totals for this years Schools for Schools event from Invisible Children are still being added up. So far they have raised $1,078,000 and over 56,000 books. There is still time to donate books and IC is still giving trips away to go to Uganda. Stay interested and don’t forget about the children. There is a lot of work to be done in Uganda and I am sure IC will be back with Schools for Schools in 2009.


Not goin anywhere a while?


Hello! Greetings from Deutschland. We got here…barely. We knew that the weather would have a slight impact on the flight situation. Ute checked with the airline and the airport before we left and they said everything was fine. When we got to the check-in they even rushed us and told us if we didn’t hurry we would miss our flight. Well…we were scheduled for a 7:30 pm flight, we did not board until 1:45 am. WTF?! We were even encouraged by the pilot from DELTA to contact Delta and complain. He said in 12 years, he had not seen something like that. We did not even have seats while we waited 7 hours in New York. Something good came from all this, we met 2 very nice people. They spent the entire 7 hours talking with us and sharing different stories. It was nice to make friends in a horrible situation. A stranger is a friend I haven’t met yet. = ) Take care all. Greetings and merry X-mas!!!!!



Today marks the final day of 2008’s Schools for Schools program. The money and book amounts are being added up and the winners are being chosen. The 2nd golden ticket winner has also been found. The winner of the golden ticket will get a free trip to Uganda in order to see how the money is being used. There is still One golden ticket available. You have the chance to go to Uganda by purchasing the GO documentary. You may purchase this dvd at the IC website. It was also announced that due to more attacks by the LRA, militaries around Uganda have joined forces and began ground and air attacks in order to combat the rebel army. The United States made a statement saying that these defensive attacks are good. Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA refused to sign peace documents and is still abducting the Invisible Children of Uganda. The military is looking to stop Kony. Go to The Invisible Children website to see updates. Enjoy!!

Change History

This is the most recent Invisible Children video. It gives an update of what is going on in Uganda. Although there are peace talks, the rebel army is still committing horrible acts and abducting the children. Please do whatever you can to spread the word about this. I cannot stress enough how important an issue this is. It is not fair for anyone to have to live this way. “Where you live should not determine whether you live”

New Chapter

Invisible Children have opened a new chapter in helping the children of Uganda. IC has become partners with Better Wold Books. IC is looking to start the largest book drive in the world…ever. We can all help by donating our unwanted books. This is excellent for people who cannot financially afford to donate. Check it out. Enjoy!

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Go is a documentary presented by Invisible Children. Go is in connection with Schools for Schools and documents the fund raising and the trips to Ugnada. You can actually go to Uganda. If you purchase the Go documentary there is a chance there is a ticket to Uganda inside. Invisible Children could send you to Uganda to see how the contributions are helping.