Invisible Holiday!!

This Christmas try to think of the less fortunate. The displaced children of Uganda are still suffering. We have begun to rebuild and to give some structure to these children’s lives…but they still need more. The Invisible Children have set up a program where you can buy products and at the same time, change a childs life. These children were displaced by the government of Uganda and many of these beautiful children were orphaned. Some of these children only wish to have a decent education so they can have better opportunities and increase their chances of survival. If you donate to these children the money will go towards building schools and buying supplies and clothing. Please check out the Invisible Children STORE website and look at the items they are selling. They have some very stylish shirts, hoodies, scarves and other apparel. They also have the Invisible Children documentaries for sale. Consider changing someone’s life this holiday!!


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4 responses to “Invisible Holiday!!

  • san

    I like that. I’ll check out the store right now.

  • jcow81

    @ San- Thank you for looking. Even if you do not buy something, do me a favor and pass this on. I think it is important to think about others during the holidays. =)

  • romi41

    That’s very kind of you to post this…changing lives on Holidays is what it’s all about…one of my “life changing things” is to help build a house this december…haha…me building a house with my weak wrists, we’ll see how that goes ;-)

    PS: I’ll post this link on my Facebook, that’s 200 extra people that will see it (I say “200” like that’s supposed to make me feel popular, when I actually stay in touch with only like 1/8 of those people ;-) )

  • jcow81

    @Romi- I am happy that I can help the people out at Invisible Children. They are doing such a great job in Uganda. I watch the videos they post and it just amazes me that people can be so kind and generous toward the less fortunate. I appreciate you linking my post. The least we can do is buy a couple of fucking braceltes…it’s nothing to us…yet everything to them.

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