Daily Archives: November 29, 2008

Invisible Holiday!!

This Christmas try to think of the less fortunate. The displaced children of Uganda are still suffering. We have begun to rebuild and to give some structure to these children’s lives…but they still need more. The Invisible Children have set up a program where you can buy products and at the same time, change a childs life. These children were displaced by the government of Uganda and many of these beautiful children were orphaned. Some of these children only wish to have a decent education so they can have better opportunities and increase their chances of survival. If you donate to these children the money will go towards building schools and buying supplies and clothing. Please check out the Invisible Children STORE website and look at the items they are selling. They have some very stylish shirts, hoodies, scarves and other apparel. They also have the Invisible Children documentaries for sale. Consider changing someone’s life this holiday!!