Am I dying? Over the past two days I have had a tingling and numbness, which is centralized in my left hand. My fingertips are really numb. It does not hurt but it is uncomfortable. Has anyone experienced this before? I hope its not a stroke.


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4 responses to “Dying?

  • romi41

    No you are not dying; your best bet is to visit a doctor. Early this year I kept getting tightness in my chest out of nowhere, and once after a work out it came back and it was worse. Everything told me that some sort of heart condition was attacking me, so I went to the Emergency room. I got x-rays, blood tests etc. In the end I realized that I’d strained a chest muscle from a previous work-out, and it kept getting aggravated, but my heart was totally fine.

    The point being, sometimes a symptom that you’ve heard a lot about automatically leads you to one conclusion, but in the end the best bet is to see a doctor, so he can eliminate any possible scenarios that are not correct.

    Hence, you’ll be okay just go see a doctor!

    Take care, :-)

  • jcow81

    Thank you for your concern and for your reassurance. I called my step-father (A Physician). I described my ailment to him and he said I have a nerve blockage. It i similar to carpal tunnel but it is a different nerve being affected. I guess that means I will live…for now! Thank you!

  • nieschu

    can you please not die before the wedding? i put to much work into it thank you love! :) p.s. ask jim for medicine. love you

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