Ideas, The Secret and Hypnosis

How powerful is the art of hypnosis? The power of suggestion and deep relaxation is commonly used. I have been looking through some videos and I have come across some very good meditation and hypnosis excersises. I posted a very important hypnosis video, which allows you to tap into your creativity. I believe this is very important. It allows you to deeply focus on your ideas and I think that your deep thought then becomes reality, as “The Secret” suggests. Not only do you become more relaxed by entering a subconscious state, but you can also formulate ideas without the interference of outside interruption. To fully get the most out of the video you may want to use headphones and watch it in full-screen! Enjoy and I wish you the best!



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3 responses to “Ideas, The Secret and Hypnosis

  • san

    Unfortunately, I can’t watch the videos when I am at work, and then i forget when I get home… *sigh*

  • jcow81

    @ San- You should email a link to yourself and then you won’t have to remember once you get home. =) Where would you be without me? haha. They are really interesting videos.

  • romi41

    I will certainly watch this in full and get a lot out of it (it will refresh my memory and attitude since it’s been a while since I read “The Secret”!)

    Thanks :-)

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