In the past two days my blog has become much like the Pennsylvania borough, CENTRALIA. Centralia is an abandoned mining town. There has been an underground fire burning under Centralia since May of 1962. The population of Centralia in 2007 was 9. It appears that my page has caught fire as well. The past two days have been pretty grim. There is a dangerous mine fire burning deep within my page and everyone has evacuated. Like the roads in Centralia this page has had no traffic recently. Officials say that Centralia has enough coals to continue burning for over 200 years. Although Centralia is destroyed and abandoned it does make interesting and beautiful photo opporitunites. Check out the Centalia video!! And don’t be afraid to stop back here! By the way the movie “Silent Hill” is based on this PA town.


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5 responses to “Centralia

  • san

    Oh, don’t be so dramatic… ;) Some days are just slow… but I am back, as you can see :)

  • jcow81

    @San- Hey, I gotta make it dramatic! Haha. It’s all about keeping people interested so they come back. Besides, I have really wanted to talk about Centralia for a while and this was a perfect way to do it. Enjoy!! =)

  • romi41

    OH MY GOSH….I still get shudders at the thought of Silent Hill…that was based on this town? Now I never want to visit…seriously that movied creeped the crap out of me…like remember when the monster-thingy grabbed that woman from the outside of the church and ripped off her entire skin like it was a coat??? AHHHHHHHH….. :-S …sigh…the memories, haha ;-)

    PS: one thing I noticed about WordPress, is that when you tag your posts to the most popular tags that are applicable, like “Life”, or “Humour”, or “Religion” or something to that effect, you tend to get some new visitors automatically…just a thought if you’re looking to attract new readers, but I’ll always come back anyway ;-)

  • jcow81

    @ Romi- Yes, Centralia sure seems creepy, but I think the scariest things you might find are rednecks and the hot fire burning below the town. Haha. Silent hill was creepy though…skin coats, ha! I was going to make a post about skin as athletic suits.
    Anyway, thank you for giving me advice. You are very helpful, Ute and I are both grateful. =)

  • romi41

    Oh believe me it’s my pleasure; you and Ute are seriously the coolest couple in the world; I think we’d all be great friends if we met..hopefully some day! :-)

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