A Different Type of Orchestra


Manchester Orchestra is one of my new favorite bands. The singer’s voice is very interesting and the lyrics are clever and mysterious. The band is very good, not an orchestra though. Manchester Orchestra has some amazing songs, with very good listening appeal. The song “Don’t Let them See You Cry”, is an emotional tune with a message of despaire and hope. “I Can Feel A Hot One”, is a new song which follows the same emotional sound as “Don’t let them see you Cry”. This song gets caught in your head and it makes you want to listen to it again and again. “I can Barely Breathe” is a song about death in an almost apocalyptic way. CLICK HERE for a link to the video for this amazing song. I plan to see Manchester Orchestra Dec. 9th in Boston, MA. It should be an incredible show. I hope they play all of the songs I have grown to love. The one song that got me hooked on the band is “Where Have You Been”. The album “I’m Like a virgin Losing a  Child”, has so many great songs and I look forward to any future releases from Manchester Orchestra. Please check out this band, you will not regret it. They are amazing!! Manchester Orchestra is a band that has the potential to last a long time, they have created a sound that reaches across into many genres.


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