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I pay close attention to what people search on my site. One of the most searched items over the past month is “The Get up Kids”. To confirm the suspiscion, the answer is most likely. I did see Reggie and the Full Effect play their final show, and I did ask James Deweese if the rumors of a Get up Kids reunion were true, he said he could not legally talk about it. Why would legality be involved if there was not a plan? James is planning albums for both, Fluxuation and Common Denominator and plans to tour for both of these releases. He is only working on a Fluxuation album now though. Unfortunately Reggie is finished, James stated “I just don’t have time for Reggie anymore man.” I appreciate his honesty and his stand. James’ lack of time for Reggie also points towards TGUK getting back together. There have been hints on multiple websites of The Get up Kids reunion. I have been a fan from early on and I hope the rumor is true. Matt Pryor is a very talented individual and when you put him back together with the talent of the Pope brothers and Jim Suptic this makes an incredible line-up. The added talent of James on keyboards makes the Get up Kids an unstoppable force, so Im pretty positive there will be not only a reunion tour but a new album as well. I hope this helps to clarify any suspiscion you have.

Enjoy a video from The Get up Kids-


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4 responses to “The Get up Kids

  • herculesrob

    There is nothing that I want more than for The Get Up Kids to reunite, tour, and record a new album.

  • jcow81

    Well Rob, it appears that your wishes may be coming true. I am an avid fan. I even have a tattoo (which my wife hates) dedicated to TGUK. I love scream-o and hardcore but I will always be an emo kid. Thanks for the comment.

  • nieschu

    hate it indeed. haha. still love you though. kisses babe!

  • Get up Kids update!! « Jcow81’s Weblog

    […] The Get Up Kids have officially gotten back together. It appears that the plan was for James Deweese to suggest the reunion in order to cause a hype. They played their first reunion show in Kansas City on November 16th. The Get Up Kids plan to do a full U.S. tour in 2009 and also plan to re-release their album “Something to Write Home About”. I hope this reunion will perhaps become an inspiration to record a new album. Every Get Up Kids member is a succesful music artist and an entrepreneur (co-owners of Black Lodge recording studio). I wish them the best of luck and I will certainly plan to see them live!! […]

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