Mind vs. Reality


There have been many theories applied to the mind and its
function in reality. The problem is that we are given imagination and dreams
and it can be difficult in many cases to distinguish reality from imagination.
Have you ever had such a vivid dream, with sense of smell or touch or taste,
that you really felt it was real? Have you ever imagined something happened and
then later you tried to confront it, only to realize that the event never
actually happened? Why are we deceived by our minds? Some philosophers will say that the mind is reality. What does this
mean? This would suggest that anything that you can imagine becomes reality.
Why is it so absurd when we talk about mythical creatures, like Unicorns? There
are some creatures in nature which naturally posses horns. There are also
horses. Is it impossible to have a horse with a horn? The mind created this
creature and with the advances in technology and science, I am sure scientists
can create a Unicorn. We have seen electric cars and flying transportation
being made. The ideas that were created in the mind have come to life. We may
not see all of the minds creations being manufactured right now but when
science catches up…we may. Who knows, maybe we can all take a ride to Fantasia
on our own Falcor! Keep your imagination alive…it could become reality!!! What about schizophrenia? The haluciantions of monsters and demons that seem to be so real. Why do some humans
experience mind altering events like delusions or dementia, Alzheimer’s, or
amnesia? I think that is a different entry in itself. Tell me what you think!


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