Please watch this video. Listen to the words of Barack Obama. Listen to his passion and his goals. If you are an undecided voter, please consider voting for someone who can’t. We have a lot of children and a lot of non-americans living in the United States, all of which will be affected by this election. Please vote for Barack Obama. For anyone who has been caught by the media, trying to say Obama is a Muslim or a Socialist, this is simply not true. Barack Obama is full of charisma and he is a very strong person. He has come so far and he offers so many good changes, meanwhile McCain is offering no change. McCain is following the same policies that Bush has used for the past 8 years. We see what Bush and his cabinet have done to the U.S. and our economy. A war, high gas and food prices, companies outsourcing, factories closing, and banks disappearing. Don’t let America loose anymore! Vote Obama, he can at least start to clean this mess!!   OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT 2008


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  • san

    Yes! I agree… someone please vote for Ute and me, if you weren’t going to vote… we can’t, but we’re as much effected by this election as anybody else who lives in the US.

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