Class of a dumbass

A gentleman from Dallas Texas decided to book a limousine on October 28th. Which is a semi-normal occurance if you have money. The decision he made next was not in his best interest though. He had the driver stop at the bank. He made arrangements for another limo service to pick him up from the bank. As he left the bank and jumped into the back of the second limousine, Eugene Gill was richer than when he entered the bank. Mr. Gill had just robbed the bank! Due to his execution of drop-off and pick-up it was very easy to apprehend this theif. This is clear proof that class does not equal brains.


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2 responses to “Class of a dumbass

  • romi41

    oh I hear you all the way; like if I ever decide to go the thievery route in life, you can damn sure bet that I’m gonna do a lot of Sudoku and Crossword puzzles first so I make sure the brain is fresh and ready ;-)

  • nieschu

    babe, how do you always find that? i need to give you more chores to do. haha. very funny though, alright gotta go to work, enjoy your monday! kisses

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