Let’s do something fun!

I have been told that I look like a lot of celebrities. I am sure that some of you have been told the same thing. What I did is remembered some of the celebrities in which I have been said to resemble, and I image searched them to see if I really do look like them. Let me know what you think.

Ok, in case you don’t know this guy, it’s me. I thought I would offer you a photo so you can compare.

Thats me

Thats me

First we have Brian Austin Green. My friend Jamie said she found a picture of him in people that looks like me. Eh…not really.

Most recent claim. I don't think so!!

Next we haveJude Law…but only in the movie AI. My co-worker Sharee seems to think that I look like him after I get my haircut. That is a real stretch.



Then we have Mark Hoppus. When I was growing up, I loved Blink-182. I aspired to be like Mark Hoppus. When Blink got a little too “pop” and famous, I decided that trend was over but people still agreed that I looked like Mark well after my phase!

Eh! He has different bone structure and a butt chin!

Finally, the one person I actually believe I look like- Michael Buble!! I have even seen him live in concert and it frightens me. The looks he gives, the way he talks, his manurisms…uncanny. I just wish I had his talent…and money.

The Winner in my book!

The Winner in my book!

Let me know what you think! And do the same on your page!


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5 responses to “Let’s do something fun!

  • nieschu

    well i love michael so of course you look like him. haha. very sexy. and i love brian austin green so you might as well look like him too. :) i cannot stand jude law so you dont look anything like him. the other guy i dont know but i still think you look most like michael. love ya

  • san

    I do agree that you look most like Michael Buble… the other ones not really that much!

  • romi41

    when you started that post with your picture, I thought to myself: okay, where the hell is the Michael Buble shot? Hahaha, I noticed it right away, especially with regards to what you are wearing and how you’re standing, that pic looks like it’s off his CD cover! Hahaha…and no you don’t look like Jude Law, and better off ’cause he’s a pig (however, I would erase all his past mis-givings simply because of that dreamy English accent…and his is not just any English accent, it’s special because of how he enunciates…*sigh*…so what were we talking about? Haha…).

    ..as for me, I don’t think I really look like anyone…I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but no one comes to mind!

  • Sanna

    wow, that is spooky! He’s like your evil twin!

  • Justin

    @ Schatzi- I think it’s interesting that you think I only look like the people you think are hot. haha. Thank you though, I will be happy with any of their paychecks.

    @ San- Thanks. I like Michael Buble. He has a very good voice.

    @ Romi- Well, I don’t have a cool accent or anything but I always find it interesting when people tell me I look like someone famous. I have also been said to look like a Cupi doll.

    @ Sanna- Haha. I think I may be the evil one…pure evil! Haha.

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