Parade lights the fuse on fireworks!

Once again, political correctness is outweighing the proper. I don’t promote being offensive to anyone, but how can you even tell that you are offending anyone anymore. Seriously, people bitch and moan about EVERYTHING! Once again, Christmas is the big offender. Organizers of the annual Patchogue Christmas boat parade in Patchogue New York, decided it would be more inclusive if they changed the name to the Patchogue “Holiday” boat parade. WTF?! Do you celebrate holiday? I celebrate Christmas! When will people be satisfied? When we can no longer put up decorations or trees! My anger and frustration is minimal compared to that of the owners of Grucci Fireworks Company, who contribute to the boat parade every year. Grucci Fireworks was so furious about the name change that they completly pulled out of the deal. Honestly, I don’t think that anyone could blame them for being upset. Holiday? Lighten the fuck up people! Are we seriously offended by A fat man in a red suit giving presents, or reindeer, or lights? If the organizers are changing the name of their parade to The Patchogue Holiday Parade, then they have no right to use the “Christmas” decorations in which they are capitalizing upon. They might find it difficult to find the “Holiday store” that sells “holiday decorations”. The Mayor of Patchogue seems to be on the side of the parade commitee, he said when he thinks of fireworks, he thinks of July 4, not Christmas.Oh yeah asshole, people like fireworks and you are just pissed that you lost your deal with Grucci. Right on Grucci!


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