Ellen needs YOUR help!

I usually don’t post twice in one day but I think this is a good cause. Ellen Degeneres is probably one of the most genuine stars around. She won’t hesitate to help someone that is in trouble. Now, it’s time to help her! Thanks to a law that was passed in California, allowing gay marriage, Ellen and long-time girlfriend Portia DiRossi were allowed to get married. Ellen said this was the happiest day of her life and she would like other couples to be able to have the same opporitunity. Thanks to a proposed law called Proposition8, which is backed by Sarah Palin, other gay couples may not be able to have the same experience Ellen and Portia had. Proposition8 is trying to put a federal ban on gay marriage. WTF?! Ellen is so appauled that she has put $100,000 of her own money into opposing the bill. I think that we could help Ellen fight this battle by spreading the word and writing letters to congress. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO HELP.

Spread the word!! Gay people deserve the same rights we do! In a country where there is free-speech we do so little to take advantage. If you don’t talk they won’t listen!!


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3 responses to “Ellen needs YOUR help!

  • San

    A damn it… I would LOVE to vote NO on Prop 8… but I can’t… argh!

  • ute

    awww how cute of you babe! i saw her talk about it yesterday and i just couldnt believe it! i mean who decides who we can love and who we cant? crazy. also i feel for her, because she said she does not wanna return the wedding gifts, and i mean who would want to do that? ;) no but seriously, thanks for caring!!! love ya

  • romi41

    could that law still get passed if skeleton man doesn’t make it into office? Sorry I don’t know a lot about how American politics work, but needless to say, on Nov. 4, I put in my imaginary Canadian vote to Obama! :-)

    PS: why does ANYONE give a f**k what people do in their own personal lives? One day they are also going to be telling us how to style our hair (like palin’s? ugh, shoot me first), and how much time we should be taking for poops…madness I say!

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