Happy Barfday to me!

It is my birthday. Looking at this picture I have to say “I feel you, dog”. I was supposed to go out and get a drink with my friend Angelo. Suddenly it escalated into a frenzy. I asked Pete and then Pete asked Erica and Erica asked Amy and Andres asked me and Angelo’s friends asked him, you know how that goes. It turned into a party and it went on until 4 am. That is usually fine with me but not when I have morning class. UGH!! The pub was cool but we were the only ones there. I got pretty intoxicated and my morning was dim to say the least. I looked like the dog in the picture and my world was spinning. I hate Hangovers…bigtime!  Oh well, I had fun. Now I have to finish a paper for class

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7 responses to “Happy Barfday to me!

  • san

    Oh well, that is the aftermath of a really cool birthday party! Hope you get some rest today.

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! :)

  • jcow81

    @ San- Thank you. Yes, we do pay the price for our vices sometime. Haha. Birthdays are to remind us that we are getting older and cant do the same shit we could as teenagers. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and needed to be mentioned in my blog. Thanks again.

  • Sanna

    It’s not a birthday without some partying! Sorry you feel so blah today but I hope it’s still a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D
    When are you guys doing your NC roadtrip?

  • jcow81

    @ Sanna- Thank you! I don’t think I have ever been so dizzy in my life. Great way to spend a birthday. Haha. Oh well!I love to travel, so NC is definitly a good idea. We just need to squeeze it in when we can. Thanks again!

  • romi41

    A little birdie told me it’s your birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :-) (and oh yeah, this blog post told me too, hahaha…)…hope you had a great day despite the hangover, but beyond the barf is usually a memory of a good time, so we must cling to that in hindsight…lol.. ;-)

  • nussi

    Haha, sounds like you had a great birthday! And hopefully you’re feeling much better by now!

  • Rob

    Dude, take the CURE. The Sh*t is amazing for hangovers. Its on Amazon

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