Hawaiian Sunrise

Since the trip to Hawaii, I have had photos on my phone and I don’t really know how to share them unless I post them like this. This was the sunrise from the top of Mount Haleakala in Maui. We drove up the road to the top of the mountain, over 10,000 feet. It took about 2 hours. As you can see, we were above the clouds which also presented a temperature problem. When you think Hawaii, you think tropical and hot, which it was when we woke up. Although it was hot on the beach it was below freezing at the top of the mountain. Fortunately, when the sun began to rise, it was all worth the early trip and the blistering cold temperature. Sometimes the beauty of the world outweighs any problems you can think of. I was suddenly warm because of how beautiful the images around me were. I think this photo has something unique about it. It looks like the sun is just bursting through the cold morning clouds and offering all of it’s power and warmth to the earth. I know the photo is not perfectly sharp and clear but remember…it was taken with a cell phone. Give me your thoughts.


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One response to “Hawaiian Sunrise

  • nieschu


    its an interesting picture i have to say. its quite a glare (is that the right word?) but you like the picture that i took which i dont like so our tast is quite different. haha. glad we agreed on loving eachother. kisses!

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