Fuck Joe the Plumber!

Presidential hopefuls, McCain and Obama, battled wits and policies in the final debate. Many are saying that this debate was very viscious and personal. After the debate ended last night, many news correspondants and professionals had a difficult time trying to decide who won. Let me clarify a few things. There were several tough questions to be answered by each candidate. Obama and McCain have different plans for healthcare reform. Barack talked about his plan to offer healthcare at a reduced rate and to fine large businesses that do not offer healthcare to their employees. John McCain’s plan is to offer a credit of $5,000, in order for Americans to choose their own plans. Unfortunately for McCain, Barack’s plan seems a little more reasonable. Healthcare costs much more than $5,000 in the U.S. This would only cause Americans to fall short. Insted of McCain taking the time to speak in depth about his plan he decided it would be best to ask Obama how much the fine would be. McCain also mentioned “Joe the Plumber” over twenty times in the debate. “Joe the Plumber” took up a large chunk of debate time, time McCain could have used more wisely. McCain also tried to call Obama a pro-abortionist. Obama shot back saying that he believes the Roe V. Wade decision is to help women and that there should be more preventitive maintainance and adoption options open to young women. McCain seemed eager to try and stump Barack Obama. McCain used a militaristic approach on Obama, but Obama stood strong and composed. And the smirk on McCain’s face is a whole nother blog entry in it’s entirety. Barack seemed to close the deal for presidency with this debate. Now it lies in the hands of the voters…yes I know, SCARY! Let me know what you think!


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3 responses to “Fuck Joe the Plumber!

  • romi41

    I didn’t watch this debate because I can’t watch any more of these debates! The lines have been drawn in the sand, and it’s all just mud-slinging and “Joe the Plumber B.S.” after that…you know what I think though? I think that all this “Obama is ahead” talk of the last few weeks is more frightening than McCain’s skeletal smirk; the more people get relaxed, the more people do something stupid like forget to vote that day, ’cause they think Obama’s got it in the bag…I do NOT want to sit up here in Can-land and watch the next four years go down the toilet, so I HOPE your American peeps remember to vote!!!


  • san

    I couldn’t agree more. Even though I can’t vote (as can’t your wife), I believe we’re just as much effected by the administration-to-be and I would love for people to understand that the choice is very simple: Obama all the way!!!

  • jcow81

    @Romi & San- Thank you both for agreeing. I believe more than ever that the leader of the U.S. has the power to control the outcomes of people in other countries as well. Should they have this power? NO! What is more scary than anything is what my next blog entry will be about- The NAU (North American Union) which will be a merger between the U.S of A, Canada and Mexico. Highways are already being built and there are plans to change the money of to a currency called the Amero. It is all part of a larger plan and I don’t think I like it. Why haven’t you heard about it? I don’t know…ask Bush and his cabinet, who are in favor of the idea. With that said, I see something less evil in Obama. You can tell that he cares about the issues. McCain will destroy the world more…unless he dies and then the watcher of Russia will get her chance, and that looks less promising.

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