When I started writing, it was just to clear my head. I would sometimes write little stories and never publish anything. As I matured a little as a writer, I began blogging. I had to open a Google account for one of my classes, so I decided to start Blogging through BLOGGER. While BLOGGER proved to be a great outlet for me, I wished to venture out to different writing vehicles. I found my new home here, at WordPress. I like word press a lot. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs and I feel satisfied when others read mine and make comments. It just feels good to know that my words are being noticed, mainly because I feel that I am much more eloquent when I write than that of when I speak. WordPress has many interesting features and templates. I enjoy writing through this page a lot. My philosophy in life is never forget your roots. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would still remember all of my friends and I would not let the money change me. In the same respect, I have not forgotten my writing roots. I continue to manage my blog at Google BLOGGER. I have been blogging about different issues on both pages. I know that most people that view my blog choose to come to WordPress but come and see me over at BLOGGER sometime.


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6 responses to “Roots

  • nieschu

    you are too cute for words. i love you so much munchkin. i am so happy you enjoy posting and i hope one day you will be a famous writer so you can buy me a lot of nice things! i love you! :)

  • romi41

    I didn’t know you post different things sometimes on your other blog; thanks for letting me know, I’ll start keeping tabs on that one again ;-)

    PS: your wife leaves the CUUUTTEEEST comments for you, they’re so sweet! I always feel like I’m intruding when I see her comments, but they’re always right there in front of my eyes so I read them, hahaha ;-)

  • jcow81

    @ Schatzi- Thanks babe. I enjoy writing and I am inspired by everyone that gives me interesting things to think about, including you. Love you too

    @Romi- No worries, it is posted publicly. I am glad you like my writing. I think you have such talent and you inspire me. It would be awesome if I could get the amount of comments that you obtain in a matter of days. Thanks.

  • romi41

    Thanks, that’s so sweet of you to say, I don’t think anyone has called me anything close to an inspiration, I’m flattered! :-) I do like your writing a lot, and as for the comments they are cool, but what I find more cool are those silent lurker readers who seem to follow you post-after-post…I wonder who they are…it’s intriguing…

  • Sanna

    oh shush, you are just as eloquent when you speak.

  • Justin

    @ Sanna- Haha, You must have caught me on my good days. I know I sound like a stuttering, bumbling fool who can’t come up with words fast enough to keep up with my flapping mouth. Was I too harsh? Wow! Thank you though.

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