Is there a better explanation??

A "Virgin Birth" Shark!!

A Virgin Birth Shark!

When I read the Wall Street Journal this morning, I thought I might perhaps be dreaming. I came across an article that should have had a warning on it, such as “Strap your helmets on folks”, because this article blew my fucking mind! The article was about a shark which had given birth. While this seems normal and reasonable, the article went on to say that the baby shark was born with no help from a male. WTF?! I need an explanation here. I have taken not One or Two, but Five college level biology classes, including Zoology. Either someone is lying about the birds and the bees or sharks are just made of magic. I think I am banking on the latter. Sharks not only give miracle births to Jesus sharks, but it has also been proven that sharks do not get cancer, even when injected with tumors. I am suddenly jealous: cool scary teeth, virgin birth, no cancer, eating turtles and surfers…life is good my oceanic friends. Honestly, I think a better answer would be available with extensive research on several topics. Perhaps the shark is hermaphroditic and for some reason, did not become sterile. Or maybe there was a delay in fertilization or maturation. Perhaps we do not fully understand the ocean, maybe there was sperm in the water and it entered the female. Perhaps there are really tiny sharks that mate with these females and we assume they are self impregnating. There has to be some reasonable explanation. There is even the possiblity that these sharks can duplicate their own DNA and produce clones of themselves. It certainly was not a Virgin birth though. I am willing to bet on that! I love science and I know that there is another answer. Sorry Jesus…good try!


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