Money can’t buy happiness

I’m sure that everyone is familiar with the saying, money can’t buy happiness. Why? The people that usually say this are: a.) The people who have never had it or b.) The people who have it and have fucked up. Money may not directly buy happiness, because happiness can not be measured. Happiness for me is different than happiness for you or that guy over there. The things that I can do and buy with money can cause happiness. Money opens doors that are impermeable to individuals without. If happiness is following your dreams, most likely you need money to obtain whatever it is you dream. For example, if you want to be a famous guitar player, you will need money to buy the guitar, picks, strings, amplifiers, lessons, and whatever else is necessary. Even if doing absolutely nothing makes you happy, you still need money for things that will keep you alive and healthy while you do so. If you examine this saying “Money can’t buy happiness”, from a scientific point you will find it is wrong as well, unless you actually have “Chrematophobia”, a fear of money. For most people just having money causes a rise in the level of endorphins. Endorphins are the chemical in your brain, which causes happiness. For some, the joy of buying the things you want and need cause a rise in these levels. There are also people who are happy donating money. People wonder how donating money can cause happiness? The answer is simple- the donor is satisfied when they give, like when my Grandma insists that I eat more food. The fact that the donor is able to give, raises the endorphins and this causes the donor to become happy. So money can buy happiness! Try living without it! I have noticed that some of the people who use this saying are the self-absorbed individuals that have tons of money and have everything they want but will not donate a dollar unless they can write it off on their taxes and what they really mean is that they are miserable about themselves…not the money! So, don’t be ashamed if you love money but if you have it don’t become a prick or it will show when you say “Money can’t buy happiness”.


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