The Secret (Problems)

The Secret is an amazing/inspirational book, DVD, CD and online phenomenon. I have mentioned, in a previous post, all of the benefits of using The Secret. The benefits are available to anyone willing to follow the simple rules. Unfortunately for most of us, it is not very difficult to stray from the thinking involved. The Secret requires you to think positively about everything and never cast doubts on the things you want. You must expect that what you are wishing for has already happened. You also need to be grateful towards the universe. Today we live in a society that is not only moving at a super quick pace but is also very stressful. It is difficult to always think positive thoughts. It is also difficult to change your mentality from one that expects you to lose and be passed up on opporitunities, to one that expects all great things. I assure you that if you have the time and the mental strength to follow these simple rules you will get everything in life you wish for. The simple rules are not so simple though. It takes a lot to have trust in the universe. Some people may not even want to have this power. Contolling your own life is a very powerful task. For those of you that want to understand it more, I will try to explain. Understanding some of the metaphysics in philosophy and understanding some of the quantum physics involved in the process of the law of attraction, I am more inclined to have a belief in this system. Anyone who does not have knowledge of the mechanics of the law will have more difficulty undrestanding, which will also lead to more doubt. In philosophy and physics, thoughts are matter. Every material thing in the universe has an effect on one another. If positive thoughts (positive matter) are sent out into the universe it will attract more positive matter. Giving thanks to the universe just gives your thoughts more stabilty because by thanking the Universe you are believing your thoughts. It might be difficult to think about changing your life but if you wake up feeling positive and you carry positive thoughts with you all day you can also make other people feel better. Get what you want and inspire others to do so as well. Laugh as often as possible and believe in your thoughts…



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5 responses to “The Secret (Problems)

  • ilka

    i simply love how you write, justin. i do agree that it takes a bit to understand and make the law of attraction work for u. and i am still in the process of learning things and have to remind myself of every thought i do, the way i think it. and i also changed the way i pray. i don’t pray to god and ask him to not let something happen. i ask him for the positive things to happen. but watching the movie or reading the book always gives me peace. and i thought it’s really intersting. i always wanted to try the thing with the dollar note;-)

  • jcow81

    @ Ilka- Thank you for the compliment. I wish I could utilize my writing skills in a classroom setting. Oh well, I’ll try to use the secret. Haha. It is really tough to think positive all the time, but ever since I first opened The Secret I have changed my mentality. I did the dollar thing, I wrote myself a check for $80,000,000!! There is a way I will get that money. I thought it was going to be the lottery but now I realize that I shouldn’t ask when it will happen or how but I should expect that it will happen, period! Don’t worry, I will share.

  • theeverydaydrama

    @ justin: haha you are funny. well, since we don’t have 1€ notes over here, i should do the 5€ thing and 50 000 aren’t a too bad idea.
    i think it is extremely difficult to always think positive. especially when times are not easy. but i think if you find hope, peace and being calm in a book that that is something really good. and if it would work in a second it would be too easy. and i always learn something new, that i forgot.

  • Sanna

    Ok I got the book now I just need to read it :)

  • jcow81

    @ Sanna- You will not be disappointed. I swear, it will change the way you think. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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