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We will miss you!

Jaoquin  Phoenix announced earlier today that he will be retiring from Hollywood. It was a shock to the interviewer and a shock to his fans. Although Phoenix will no longer be acting he did tell E! Online, he is looking to pursue a career in music. Joaquin Phoenix played the late Johnny Cash in the movie “Walk the Line”, and he was so inspired about having to sing the songs and play guitar that it opened up a new doorway. All I can say, as a sincere fan is GOOD LUCK! We will miss you on the screen and please give us some great music! Phoenix’s final film “2 Lovers” will be released in 2009.



AMERICANS…Please do not forget to vote! If we get too comfortable and think “gee, I don’t think I’m gonna vote!”, then you can’t bitch when America falls further apart. The election for the President of the United States of America is Tuesday, November 4th. Don’t say you don’t have time. Jobs and schools are required to let you leave to go vote. We need to be heard. Lets go and vote and change America!

Let’s do something fun!

I have been told that I look like a lot of celebrities. I am sure that some of you have been told the same thing. What I did is remembered some of the celebrities in which I have been said to resemble, and I image searched them to see if I really do look like them. Let me know what you think.

Ok, in case you don’t know this guy, it’s me. I thought I would offer you a photo so you can compare.

Thats me

Thats me

First we have Brian Austin Green. My friend Jamie said she found a picture of him in people that looks like me. Eh…not really.

Most recent claim. I don't think so!!

Next we haveJude Law…but only in the movie AI. My co-worker Sharee seems to think that I look like him after I get my haircut. That is a real stretch.



Then we have Mark Hoppus. When I was growing up, I loved Blink-182. I aspired to be like Mark Hoppus. When Blink got a little too “pop” and famous, I decided that trend was over but people still agreed that I looked like Mark well after my phase!

Eh! He has different bone structure and a butt chin!

Finally, the one person I actually believe I look like- Michael Buble!! I have even seen him live in concert and it frightens me. The looks he gives, the way he talks, his manurisms…uncanny. I just wish I had his talent…and money.

The Winner in my book!

The Winner in my book!

Let me know what you think! And do the same on your page!

Ellen needs YOUR help!

I usually don’t post twice in one day but I think this is a good cause. Ellen Degeneres is probably one of the most genuine stars around. She won’t hesitate to help someone that is in trouble. Now, it’s time to help her! Thanks to a law that was passed in California, allowing gay marriage, Ellen and long-time girlfriend Portia DiRossi were allowed to get married. Ellen said this was the happiest day of her life and she would like other couples to be able to have the same opporitunity. Thanks to a proposed law called Proposition8, which is backed by Sarah Palin, other gay couples may not be able to have the same experience Ellen and Portia had. Proposition8 is trying to put a federal ban on gay marriage. WTF?! Ellen is so appauled that she has put $100,000 of her own money into opposing the bill. I think that we could help Ellen fight this battle by spreading the word and writing letters to congress. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO HELP.

Spread the word!! Gay people deserve the same rights we do! In a country where there is free-speech we do so little to take advantage. If you don’t talk they won’t listen!!

Parade lights the fuse on fireworks!

Once again, political correctness is outweighing the proper. I don’t promote being offensive to anyone, but how can you even tell that you are offending anyone anymore. Seriously, people bitch and moan about EVERYTHING! Once again, Christmas is the big offender. Organizers of the annual Patchogue Christmas boat parade in Patchogue New York, decided it would be more inclusive if they changed the name to the Patchogue “Holiday” boat parade. WTF?! Do you celebrate holiday? I celebrate Christmas! When will people be satisfied? When we can no longer put up decorations or trees! My anger and frustration is minimal compared to that of the owners of Grucci Fireworks Company, who contribute to the boat parade every year. Grucci Fireworks was so furious about the name change that they completly pulled out of the deal. Honestly, I don’t think that anyone could blame them for being upset. Holiday? Lighten the fuck up people! Are we seriously offended by A fat man in a red suit giving presents, or reindeer, or lights? If the organizers are changing the name of their parade to The Patchogue Holiday Parade, then they have no right to use the “Christmas” decorations in which they are capitalizing upon. They might find it difficult to find the “Holiday store” that sells “holiday decorations”. The Mayor of Patchogue seems to be on the side of the parade commitee, he said when he thinks of fireworks, he thinks of July 4, not Christmas.Oh yeah asshole, people like fireworks and you are just pissed that you lost your deal with Grucci. Right on Grucci!

Happy Barfday to me!

It is my birthday. Looking at this picture I have to say “I feel you, dog”. I was supposed to go out and get a drink with my friend Angelo. Suddenly it escalated into a frenzy. I asked Pete and then Pete asked Erica and Erica asked Amy and Andres asked me and Angelo’s friends asked him, you know how that goes. It turned into a party and it went on until 4 am. That is usually fine with me but not when I have morning class. UGH!! The pub was cool but we were the only ones there. I got pretty intoxicated and my morning was dim to say the least. I looked like the dog in the picture and my world was spinning. I hate Hangovers…bigtime!  Oh well, I had fun. Now I have to finish a paper for class

= (


Hawaiian Sunrise

Since the trip to Hawaii, I have had photos on my phone and I don’t really know how to share them unless I post them like this. This was the sunrise from the top of Mount Haleakala in Maui. We drove up the road to the top of the mountain, over 10,000 feet. It took about 2 hours. As you can see, we were above the clouds which also presented a temperature problem. When you think Hawaii, you think tropical and hot, which it was when we woke up. Although it was hot on the beach it was below freezing at the top of the mountain. Fortunately, when the sun began to rise, it was all worth the early trip and the blistering cold temperature. Sometimes the beauty of the world outweighs any problems you can think of. I was suddenly warm because of how beautiful the images around me were. I think this photo has something unique about it. It looks like the sun is just bursting through the cold morning clouds and offering all of it’s power and warmth to the earth. I know the photo is not perfectly sharp and clear but remember…it was taken with a cell phone. Give me your thoughts.