America…you are Fucked!

As the economy worsens and the $700 billion bailout plan is tossed in the shitter, the top government officials are now realizing that we are kind of screwed. Maybe if these heads of the state took their fucking heads out of their god damned asses they would have been able to see what some American’s and all the rest of the world sees. We are deteriorating. How many banks and institutes have vanished? Lehman- gone! Wachovia- gone! WaMu- Gone! WTF?! There is no Wall Street anymore. People are asking if we will have another stock market crash. This is it folks, it’s here! Get used to eating Ramen noodles and saltines. Gas and food prices continue to grow and nobody cares that you are making minimum wage. Your money aint gonna buy much! We are already in a depression. Look around!! Are we that stupid? Do you know who to blame? I do! Back in 2000 and 2004 when you smart ass republicans stepped inside those booths and thought “Gee, Bush seems like a good choice…de de de!!” that was the beginning of the end! We are broke because we have funded a POINTLESS WAR. I want all of you that voted for Bush and continue til this very day wondering why your money is not worth shit, to look in the mirror and with a big smile say to yourself “YOU did this, thanks for Fucking America!” Feel free to pat yourself on the back and punch yourself in the face or genitals while you are at it. And what does our president think of this whole cluster fuck?? Just look at the picture above!


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4 responses to “America…you are Fucked!

  • Sanna

    Yes scary and annoying and I’m not sure if they can do so much to fix it. Hmpf!

  • ilka

    those are scary times, but it’s not really much better over here. and as u might have heard, we stupid banks like that also. and gas and food prices, besides energy prices, are ridiculous.

  • nieschu

    oh babe. and why are we staying in this country again???? :) i love you

  • romi41

    hahahahaha….I shouldn’t laugh because I’m in Canada and Big Brother America is dragging us down a little (serves us right for following the leader so much)….but still this post made me laugh my ass off :-) …you ever watch The View? You ever seen Elisabeth Hasselback? I want to punch her 10 times for every second she speaks.


    Seriously, I can’t vote for you guys, but please make sure your fellow Americans don’t fuck it up on Nov. 4th


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