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Why should you come to New Haven? I know most people have a fear of New Haven because of stories about crime and murders. Find me a town where there is NO crime or murder! New Haven is an amazing city which continues to develop to this day. New Haven is home to many Universities/Colleges, including Yale and Albertus Magnus. New Haven is also home to some of the most famous cuisine in the world. Many people have a fear of New Haven at night. When I think New Haven at night I think of the amazing Nightlife downtown, from the famous bars and restaurants to the packed dance clubs. Sure New Haven has some areas that are not so desirable, but I think most towns/cities have the same. I really enjoy living in New Haven and if you have not visited then I would suggest you do.
New Haven is changing its look and its attitude. From the I-95/I-91 facelift to the erecting of new schools and medical centers, New Haven is beginning to look great. If you pass through New Haven on the highway it is just another city, but get off an exit and drive through and I think you will be amazed. Wooster street is a very famous street in New Haven’s “Little Italy” section. Wooster Street offers some of the best Italian cuisine. The most famous restaurants on Wooster Street are Sally’s Apizza and Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana. Sally’s and Pepe’s are world famous for their brick oven cooked, thin crust style pizza. Pepe’s opened 1925 and has been a favorite ever since. Frank Pepe’s nephew Sal Consiglio left Pepe’s and opened his own Pizza restaurant right down the street, Sally’s. The owners are not competitors or enemies but the customers of each have become rivals. Each of these restaurants can be identified by the amazing number of patron’s standing outside each day in sun, rain, wind and snow. Other famous cuisine on Wooster Street includes Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop, famous for their Italian Ice, Consiglio’s, Anastasio’s, Abates, and Tony and Lucielle’s. .
When you leave Wooster street you can take a drive down Chapel towards Olive street and drive by the historic mansions and the beautiful Wooster Square park, which offers wonderful sights of  amazing Cherry Blossom’s and Dogwoods which tingle the senses during the spring. The New Haven Green is found downtown surrounded by the large federal buildings and downtown shops and churches. The green is a 16 acre park which hosts many events such as summer concerts and art expositions. The park is beautiful and is perfect for a picnic or a nap or reading a book. The Center Church on the Green offers an interesting history. The church was built on top of a burial ground and the “Crypt” can be found in the basement of this church and tours may be taken. There are over 1000 unidentified bodies buried here.
Clubs clubs and more clubs can be visited throughout New Haven. BAR, Oracle, Black Bear Saloon, The Playwright, Hula Hanks and Gotham Citi are just a few of the many clubs downtown. If you are into an alternative lifestyle there is a gay bar, Partner’s Cafe. There are also some strip clubs in New Haven, such as The Catwalk. There are some more upscale bar’s and restaurants such as The OWL Shop, a personal favorite or Hot Tomato’s (The Taft). You can also visit the home of the Hamburger, Louis Lunch! Just do not ask for Ketchup. They really did invent the hamburger. There is also a very famous music venue in New Haven, Toad’s Place, which has had anyone and everyone famous play there from The Doors to Slayer to The WU-Tang Clan. All of these bars and restaurants and clubs are very easy to get to. There are also plenty of parking spaces, garages and valets all over the city.
History! Yale alone offers so much history and it is featured not only in the Yale Art Gallery but also in The Museum of British Art and the many monuments and buildings throughout the city. The famous Eli Whitney graduated from Yale and invented the Cotton Gin. He also opened a gun manufacturer in New Haven and this is where Samuel Colt invented the automatic revolver which is featured in all the old western films. New Haven also played a role in the Anti-slavery movement and the shore has become the home of a famous ship. This is where The Amistad was docked during the trials in 1839. Unfortunately New Haven is also the birthplace of George W. Bush. It was also part-time home of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
New Haven is a very diverse and interesting city. Other famous people that are familiar to New Haven include- Michael Bolton, Karen Carpenter, Steve Wynn, Liz Phair, Charles Goodyear and Paul Giamatti. Whether you come for the cuisine, the nightlife or the history I guarantee you will fall in love with something in New Haven. From Yale to the beautiful ledges of East and West rock to little Italy and the financial district there are so many places to stop. Don’t forget the Peabody Museum, home to the only Brontosaurus exhibit in the world. And who knows…maybe you will bump into me.


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  • ilka

    now you made me wanna pack my bags and book a flight:-) and have a pizza at one of their great italian places:-)

  • jcow81

    @ Ilka: Anytime you want to pack your bags and come to New HAven there will be a free room with a pull-out couch available to you. Ute and I love having visitors and nobody has complained about accomodations…or the PIZZA yet!

  • Sanna

    I can highy recommend hotel Uti&Justin. So much fun and an awesome bacony. Pizza in walking distance. Fantastic! :)

    Hope you’re well!

  • Paul

    Justin… I love New Haven too. I miss it. Thanks for posting this in your blog.

  • jcow81

    @ Paul- No problem. New Haven has so much going on and has potential to grow into an amazing place. I think New Haven will shape up to be a city with a much better reputation and many jobs and great opporitunities. Thank you for your comment.

  • Romi

    Wow, wow, wow…I was already sold before ;-), but now I can’t wait to visit!! :-)

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