I am easily amused!

I saw this on a friends BLOGGER page and I couldn’t resist. Each question needs to be answered by entering the word(s) into the GOOGLE image search. The first image that shows up needs to be the one posted. Easy enough??

1. Age on next birthday?

2. Favorite colour?

3. Last meal?

4. Bad Habit?

5. Favourite fruit/veggie?

6. Favourite animal?

7. Town you live in?

8. Most useful thing in home?

9. Name of pet?

10. Last purchase?

11. Something that makes you happy?

12. First name?

13. Last name?


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4 responses to “I am easily amused!

  • nieschu

    you are so cute and thats why i love you! :)

  • Cristi

    Is that a CHINCHILLA!??
    I always wanted one, then I realized its too small of a pet for me.. my cat cuddles, and she’s almost as big as me.. so it works out.


  • jcow81

    @ Cristi- That certainly is a chinchilla. I have never had one but since they are super soft and fuzzy and posses the energy of a mentally-ill crackhead, I figure you can’t go wrong. They just look so cute and they hop around and do backflips and shit, if all else fails I can enter it into a circus or something and get a pretty good ROI. Haha.

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