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By now most of us have heard about the #1 selling book by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret. If you havent heard about it or read it then let me tell you a little bit about it. This is more than a book, if you are willing to take the contents seriously. I bought this book last summer and it changed my entire way of thinking. The instant I began to read this book it opened my eyes to a truth. The Secret is explained as the law of attraction. Humans have the power to attract whatever we desire. When you think positive thoughts then positive things are drawn to you but the same rule applies when you think negatively. The Secret has been used for years but has only recently been shared with the world. Some of the famous historical figures that are said to have used the secret include- Hermes Trismegistus, Buddha, Aristotle, W. Clement Stone, Plato, Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King Jr., Carl Jung, Victor Hugo, Henry Ford, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Robert Collier, Winston Churchill, Andrew Carnegie, Joseph Campbell, Alexander Graham Bell, and Ludwig van Beethoven. There is also a pretty impressive list of co-authors of the book who have all used the secret to obtain success. Humans are described as transmitters which send waves of energy in the form of thoughts which are then transmitted back to us as a new energy. The power comes from the Universe and if we give thanks to the Universe and actually believe whole heartedly that we already have the things in which we seek that they will come to us. I have used the secret myself to win contests and to obtain cash. Although I do not follow The Secret as strictly as I would like to I know it does work. Everybody should read this book. Even individuals that have been paralyzed or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness have used The Secret to regain their health and beat all the odds. Success, health, power, relationships and wealth can all be gained just by using thought. You have to believe your thoughts though. I don’t want to give too much away because you will not want to read the book. The Secret is available on DVD, CD-ROM, CD, and book. Visit the website and find out more about it. You may not agree with The Secret and that is fine but what have you got to lose? You certainly have everything to gain!

THE SECRET << Click here

A Secret Tip

Scientific Explanation << Just found this!!


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8 responses to “Life Changing!

  • romi41

    I have read the book, I own the book, and I concurr dude, I concurr…actually I started reading it about a year ago too, and wow, the changes have been so note-worthy!

    PS: as a GREAT add on to this, read Notes From the Universe if you haven’t….that one is just a great: “1 minute a day pick me up”…you literally open up to a random page each day and read the “note”…it’s awesome :-) …and to prove it’s not all “hype” no substance, if you google “notes from the universe mailing list” or something, you can subscribe, and from Mon-Fri, it will leave a new note in your inbox every morning, no spam or anything, just that!…it’s the FIRST email I read when I get to work each morning :-)

  • ilka

    justin i love that book and i can only agree that it changed a lot in my life and way of thinking ,too. i also watched the movie. and it makes me calm whenever i am nervous or anxious. and especially through this looong time of having this injury and trying to relax and not too be so frustrated, it helped me a lot.
    have a good start into the week

  • jcow81

    @ Romi- Thanks. I will do that too. I agree that the mind is so powerful…you just have to know how to use it. These books are the instruction manuals and we should all read them.

    @Ilka- Yeah, you must have a lot of reading time now. Good news…you can probably use the secret to get yourself healed faster too. Can not hurt to try! Thanks for the comment.

  • theeverydaydrama

    hope to see u soon at my page too:-) hope ute gave u the password

  • Sanna

    Hmm, I heard about this book and thought it was bogus but I may have to check it out!

  • jcow81

    @ Sanna- It is a must read. Really don’t know what I would do without this knowledge. You never have to have a miserable day again.

  • The Secret (Problems) « Jcow81’s Weblog

    […] The Secret is an amazing/inspirational book, DVD, CD and online phenomenon. I have mentioned, in a previous post, all of the benefits of using The Secret. The benefits are available to anyone willing to follow the simple rules. Unfortunately for most of us, it is not very difficult to stray from the thinking involved. The Secret requires you to think positively about everything and never cast doubts on the things you want. You must expect that what you are wishing for has already happened. You also need to be grateful towards the universe. Today we live among a very stressful and fast paced society. It is difficult to always think positive thoughts. It is also difficult to change your mentality from one that expects you to lose and be passed up on opporitunities, to one that expects all great things. I assure you that if you have the time and the mental strength to follow these simple rules you will get everything in life you wish for. The simple rules are not so simple though. It takes a lot to have trust in the universe. Understanding some of the metaphysics in philosophy and understanding some of the quantum physics involved in the process of the law of attraction, I am more inclined to have a belief in this system. Anyone who does not have knowledge of the mechanics of the law will have more difficulty undrestanding, which will also lead to more doubt. In philosophy and physics, thoughts are matter. Every material thing in the universe has an effect on one another. If positive thoughts (positive matter) are sent out into the universe it will attract more positive matter. Giving thanks to the universe just gives your thoughts more stabilty because by thanking the Universe you are believing your thoughts. It might be difficult to think about changing your life but if you wake up feeling positive and you carry positive thoughts with you all day you can also make other people feel better. Get what you want and inspire others to do so as well. Laugh as often as possible and believe in your thoughts… […]

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