L.H.C.- Particle collider

This is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. Testing to reproduce the moments of “The Big Bang” have been approved today. This seems very interesting and would be a huge step in science, physics, and engineering among other fields.

This is what the Hadron Collider is supposed to do. It is an underground network of tubes which extend through switzerland and a part of France. Particles are put into the tubes and are then accelerated by use of magnets until they reach the desired velocity and then they are smashed into one another and the data is then recorded.

The intent of the scientists gathered at CERN is simply to try to discover why the universe was created the way it was. Some people disagree with this research but watch the video and get a better understanding of why they want to do this.

Is this dangerous? That is the concern. There is a slight possibility that the man made Hadron Particle accelerator could create Black Holes in our universe. These black holes have the potential to get large enough that they would deconstruct our entire existence and tear apart our universe. Scary? Yes and no. How will we move forward as humans if we do not conduct research? Black holes are possible in nature as well.

If our world is sucked into a black hole it will look something like this.

The good thing about it is that we would all be dead in about 17 seconds but the bad news is that black holes slow down time so it would feel like an eternity as your particles are being destroyed one by one.

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