Dreams can induce fear, rage, sexual feelings or love. Dreams are unexplainable. Some dreams are so lucid that it is difficult to perceive whether the experience was real or not. Scientists say that dreams only occur for the first moments of R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep although the experience may feel like it took place for hours or even days in some cases. Dreams are one of the most interesting things that occur in humans. If it is so difficult to distinguish dreams from reality then how do you know you are not dreaming right now? Don’t think I am the crazy one. You are imagining that you are online and have come to my Blog page. You have even created this blog entry. Why don’t you believe that? You have been dreaming since birth. Everything you know is a dream. When you wake from this dream and start “living” life, that is what an afterlife really is. What if your whole life has been an entire dream? Think about it for a moment, all of your friends and anyone that you have ever “met” really do not exist. You have such a great imagination that you have even attached emotion and qualities to these individuals. Dreams are so powerful. You exist though because you think. Rene Descartes said “Cogito ergo Sum” which translates into the famous saying “I think therefore I am”. This means that if you are able to think and reason and be influenced then you must exist, even if you are just a thinking mind. This is not an entirely crazy idea. The movies “Vanilla Sky” and “The Matrix” were based on the idea that we all live in a false reality or a “Dream World” but you should know that because you have created these films…even if you have not watched them. I know this might be too difficult to entirely understand but give it some thought! It is possible that everything that you have ever thought to be true is only made by your mind. Concepts like 2+2=4 or language make sense in your mind because that is how you made it. Don’t try to argue with me because I don’t exist. You must realize this too because you have created this entry… Wake Up!


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  • Fitch

    It’s too early in the morning for me to contemplate such things! Wait till I have my coffee … and then I’ll come back and reread this imaginary post :-)

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