I missed you… my sweet computer

I was recently punished for stealing. I attempted to steal music from a sharing site online and as a result I obtained a win.32 Virus which crashed my computer, totally. For days I went without reading email or checking out your blog pages…as well as my own. I learned my lesson because I had to have my IT friend, Rich come and dump my entire hard drive and re-install all of my programs anew. I appreciate having a friend that is able to do that for me, because I am computer illiterate. Other than that fiasco I have been pretty busy. I started school again and I applied for a second job, Bartending at a Comedy Club which will be opening in about a month on my street. It seems like an awesome opporitunity. I have a lot to write about and will do so once I get settled in. Learn from my example… Don’t Steal Music!!


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