A Journey to Another World (Part 1)

It was an adventure like no other. When we arrived it was dark…very dark. All we could see was what the headlights showed in front of us, and that was not much. We trusted that the GPS would lead us to the place in which we would be residing for the week. After about a half-hour journey we finally arrived. Tired and unmotivated to do anything we decided that sleep would be a good decision. We awoke in the morning with a rush of energy and a desire to discover this strange land. We determined it would be best to watch the sunrise. We stepped out into the warm relaxing air and the moon shown so luminously overhead that we were able to navigate without difficulty. We stepped on to the shoreline and the moon cast a glow over the water which was gently blanketing the silky smooth sand before washing away again. I knew that I was in love with this place already. The sun began to rise and it shed the first real light on this magnificent land. As we continued along the shore we could see that the water was a deep beautiful blue, photos could not even capture the true beauty of this sight. There were tall palm trees and many plants that were unfamiliar to us. Looking out across the stunning blue water, reddish brown mountains topped with white and gray clouds were witnessed. This picturesque scene was like no other I had ever experienced. How could one place be so beautiful… and this was only our first glimpse.

We decided not to waste any time getting to know our surroundings. We aimlessly went out and successfully discovered more beautiful places. We came to another beach area which had the most interesting mix of amazing things. The water was bluer than any I had ever seen. It was as if we had stepped into a postcard and were now part of this perfect world. There were many uprooted trees strewn across the sand that had been bleached by the sun. These trees added a special quality to the area. Behind us were more mountains. These large masses were made of a black rough looking material and they were topped with amazing green grass and trees. We stuck around at this spot for a short spell and then decided that it would be best to discover more. We found ourselves in a location that was so dark yet so beautiful. The ground was covered in large heaps of black, which at first sight looked like rich top soil but that allegation was later dismissed by the pure hardness of the material. As we moved forward it was evident that this black material did in fact have rich nutrients because the entire hillside was covered in green grass. We again found ourselves at another beach area. This beach was interesting because the ground was still made of this black material, yet there were white rocks along the shore. The water again was a deep blue but this time there were translucent green areas in the water. The contrast between the blue and green of the water and the black and white on the ground was breathtaking. A small footpath was apparently made for traveling through this rough area more easily. While walking along this path we came upon a blowhole that had obviously been caused by erosion from the waves. As a wave would come in a large explosion of white would rush from the blowhole, it really was quite amazing. We left…but I knew we would be back. We later journeyed back to that second beach because we realized we had missed something earlier. If you climb the black walls of the mountain and get to the other side, there is a more amazing beach there in which you may watch the sunset. We decided to do this, and it was very rewarding. There were large masses of people, some with clothing and some without, all enjoying life…drinking and getting high and swimming and hugging and playing musical instruments. It was very interesting and it felt more like a dream. We watched as the sun began to set. As it first started to fill the sky with an orange glow the light looked so interesting and surreal. This made me believe that this was all a dream and tomorrow I would wake up with a postcard or a beautiful photo in my hand. The sun sunk lower and lower and finally it met with a mountain that was in the distance in the water. The people began to play their instruments and cheer. The sun had finally set and the evening was over. We began walking back and realized that the night had only just begun for these people. Many of the natives began to enter a circle and perform a fire dance. We watched briefly and then decided to leave before the path became too dark to follow. As we reached the top of the mountain we could see the beautiful land below. It was a masterpiece created by nature. As we went to bed that evening I hoped I would wake up and still be a part of this incredible world.


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5 responses to “A Journey to Another World (Part 1)

  • ilka

    I am so glad you guys had such an awesome time there. And I already saw so many beautiful pictures. I can only imagine how sad u guys must have been to have to go home.

  • nieschu

    awww you made me cry. i want to go back. it was so awesome. so glad i had a chance to experience it with you. i love you so much!

  • susit

    I LOVE your writing. Always. Keep it up!

  • nussi

    So beautifully written! You make me wanna go to Maui. Badly!

    Sorry for having not dropped by for a while, somehow I forgot you moved your blog! I’ll be back soon!

  • jcow81

    @ All- Thank you. It was a beautiful experience and I would recommend the trip to everyone. Sure, it is expensive but you only live once!! Hawaii is like nowhere else on this planet.

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