Losing All My Friends

What if you found out something about me that changed your views? What if I was accused of an awful crime or an unforgivable act? Would you still be my friend? Think of people who have been wrongly accused of murder or rape. Think of what their friends and family think of that person. Would you think the same of me? Would I be disowned by my mother? Would it literally kill my grandparents? Would my wife stay by my side or would she leave me too? Every day peoples lives are ruined this way…but what if it was true and you all stayed friends with me?

(This is just writing…don’t freak out.)

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3 responses to “Losing All My Friends

  • ilka

    that’s an interesting question. i guess you can’t generalize that too much. i really think it depends on the relationship you have to that person and if you can live with it or can forgive what he has done or work on it.

  • nieschu

    mommy always says she would love me no matter what. i dont think i would stay with you if you tried to kill me. haha. would i still love you if you kill someone else? it depends why you killed and who. :) its a tough call. i will tell you when it comes down to it. haha.

  • romi41

    No I’m not freaked out…but you stirred the pot…I like that :-)

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