Exhausted but relieved

Yeah…thats it. Exactly how I feel. Today was my last day of class and I had to present The Zaire epidemic of Ebola Virus to the class. I received the grade for my final exam, i got an A-. I am completely satisfied with that. I am just happy to be done with school (Although it’s only for a month). I am just dead tired so I am going to sleep now. I will soon update my blog page and get back into leaving comments to my blogging friends. Sorry, I’ve been lame lately! I have a lot of good material I want to write about too. Stop back soon!!!


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3 responses to “Exhausted but relieved

  • ute-christin

    cant wait to find out your final grade! good job on the final babe! proud of you!!! you deserve some rest! kisses to you!

  • romi41

    Don’t apologize, you’re a busy bee! And definitely catch up on some satisfying sleep….and good job with school, that can be a pain (and finally, enjoy the month, it will FLY by ;-) )

  • ilka

    congrats on the a-. that’s an awesome job you did. i hope you had some deserved rest and i heard u guys went to see coldplay. AWESOME!!!!

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