The Countdown is on!


This is my final week of summer classes. Today was my final exam in my Illness and Disease class…hope I did well. I have a final project due in two days and then I may officially start my summer break. My project has to be on a particular epidemic , I am going to present The Ebola Virus (Hemorrhagic) to the class. I am trying to win Coldplay tickets for this weekend. Really really want to go! I am going to see Styx and R.E.O Speedwagon on August 7th. Then on August 8th (08-08-08) my brother is getting married and I am (one of) the best men. The next week Ute and I are leaving on a jet plane… to Hawaii. So excited. Maui looks so beautiful. Then, the countdown begins again…back to school. See the cycle?? Fun comes at a price. Hope my update gives you an idea of how busy I have been and will be. Peace and be safe.


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2 responses to “The Countdown is on!

  • ilka

    wow maui, i am so jealous, specially since i had to cancel my vacation to see my man in philly because of my accident:-( but you 2 deserve some beautiful time off and i am happy for you. fingers are crossed for your final exam and also for the coldplay tickets. if you win, please let me know how it was. take care

  • ute-christin

    hi love, cant wait for maui. and i think i have a surprise for you later! i miss you now! kisses

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