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Yay Girl Talk! No, not the cool 80’s board game, I’m referring to the band. Although it is not really a band. Girl Talk is a dude that gathers mass amounts of music to mix and sample. It is so interesting to hear the different genres of music mixed together. When you hear Styx mixed with Ice Cube or LL Cool J it is pretty crazy. The different tempos work well together and it is funny to here familiar songs in a new light. Yael Naim mixed with Eminem is interesting to say the least. The styles of music in each song range from classic rock to Gangster rap to pop hits. You can download The latest Girl Talk album at his music page (for Free!!). There really is something for everyone and it just sort of makes you smile. I giggle a bit when I hear some of the strange songs that were chosen. Click Here and giggle too!!


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  • ilka

    that really sounds like something i should have to listen to. thanks for sharing that. i will let you know what i think. have a nice weekend, justin

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