Violet Hill

“It was a long and Dark December, from the rooftops I remember there was snow…white snow.” These lyrics haunt my thoughts. They are from the Coldplay song “Violet Hill”. The new album “Viva La Vida”, from Coldplay is an amazing piece of work. I will admit, when Coldplay first hit the scene with “Yellow” I was not really a fan. It seemed to be another whinny British pop band looking for a hit. Fan or not, several years later anyone can tell how much they have progressed as musicians. Chris Martin seems to have ditched his little sleepy English boy image and has turned into a valid rock star. This band will be noted as one of the greatest rock bands ever. I am seriously impressed with the entire album. Do yourself a favor and check it out. coldplay


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4 responses to “Violet Hill

  • ilka

    i love their new album. well, i always liked coldplay since i thought their sound was always very unique. and i always liked their lyrics.

  • nieschu

    nice babe. you should totally work for a record label and promote cds. :) love you! why arent we going to the coldplay concert????

  • romi41

    Yes, yes, yes. I keep finding ones that I love…like for a while it was all about Strawberry Swing, then Lovers in Japan, now I am feeling the “Lost” vibe like nobody’s business…lol..good times :-)

  • jcow81

    @ Romi: All of the songs offer something special. I like Lost! too. Lovers in Japan is great and I also got 2 acoustic songs on the album and they are great as well.

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