Etch a ab!

There is hope for all of us. Fatties unite! I don’t need to worry about diet and exercise anymore. Thanks to a new surgery that is being performed I can now pig out on Doritos and Fried Dough and not give a damn. The surgery is known as abdominal etching. Abdominal etching is a form of liposuction in which the doctor will make small crevasses in the fat which covers your abs. This gives the effect of 300 style abs. Anyone can be Leonidas thanks to science. This surgery is supposedly safer that regular liposuction and it is an avenue any lazy bastard that hates exercise might want to go down. Read about Ab Etching here!!



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5 responses to “Etch a ab!

  • ilka

    thanks to plastic surgery nowadays, huh?;-) welcome to wordpress justin:-) have a great weekend and don’t forget to watch the soccer finals with ute and keep your fingers crossed. GO GERMANY!!!!

  • jcow81

    Thanks. Oh, of course we will watch. Germany is kicking ass and I think they will win. We are planning a big event for watching it. haha. Have a great weekend also.

  • nieschu

    uh babe, maybe that would be a possibility? haha. love ya

  • romi41

    I love how in any form of these “before and afters”, the people in each one look totally different! Like in the first one the dude’s man-boobs are way smaller than in the “after” pic! Maybe he got man-boob ‘augmentation’ in addition to ab-etching, lol ;-)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- Oh yeah he definitely asked the physician for some moobs. They must have taken some stomach fat and augmented his boobs to a b cup.

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