America’s Hat

Okay world, listen up. This is a quick geography and sociology lesson. PAY ATTENTION! Do you see that chunk of land in this picture…yeah the one that is floating above the U.S. I understand that you may be confused but that really is a country. It’s a large and beautiful country called Canada. Canada is actually the 2nd largest Country, by area in the world. Canada originates from the Iroquoian word Kanata, which means “village” or “settlement”. Not only does Canada follow a democratic system, like the U.S. is supposed to but they also have a Parliament and a Queen. Yes a real Queen, not like the Disney movies. Canadians are also bilingual, in fact Canada is an Official Bilingualism Country. Stop signs read “Stop” and “Arret”. How cool? Not cool enough for you? The music scene in Canada seems to be the most interesting and promising. Bands such as Malajube, Stars, Euchrid Eucrow,Elfin Saddle, A Helpful Diagram and many others are gracing the ears of many listeners. There are even famous people in Canada!!! Some famous Canadians include Nelly Furtado, Pamela Anderson, Neil Young, Jim Carrey and a lot of others. When someone says they are from Canada that makes them Canadian…duh!


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8 responses to “America’s Hat

  • Ute

    haha. you crack me up! i love you pumpkin!!!!!

  • Maren

    I like to refer to it as Canadia.

  • Steffi

    you understand german???

  • Justin_Michael

    @ Steffi: Ja, Ich verstehe. I got an A in my German II class this past semester. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deuetsch auch. Ha.

  • Romi

    Hahahaha….I love that you wrote this! And umm yeah, the Stars are a great band! :-) And you gotta love how road signs and product packaging are double the fun with English AND French ;-) …”j’aime ma syrop d’erable!”….and for the laymen out there, that was: “I like my maple syrup!” ;-)

  • Ilka

    i always wanted to go to canada. i have been getting together with so many cool canadians through my travelling job as a haircolorist and i always thought that they are so cool and open minded and soooo RELAXED. and i am sure the country is just beautiful. have u been to canada? and by the way i loved that entry and again the way you write, justin. give ute a hug:-)

  • Justin_Michael

    @ Romi- Mmm…maple syrup. I like Stars a lot. They are very interesting. They remind me of Straylight Run. I think America should work on putting a multi-lingual aspect into the country. Americans are too stubborn to learn another language and that is where we fall behind. Btw, thanks for fueling my flame in order to write this.

  • Justin_Michael

    @ Ilka- I have never been to Canada but I will certainly make the trip soon. Ute and I would love to go. Canadians are cool and relaxed…they don’t have to worry about their leader being a war enthused hate monger. Canadians have an interesting way of speaking as well. You know what im talikin aboot! EH! Go, visit Canada I hear it is incredible. If you are into winter sports you should visit Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. I heard it is the most beautiful resort in the world.

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