Better IQ resulting from Smart Car

By now we have all seen the Smart car. They are quite cute. In fact this is old news to anyone who lives or has lived in Europe. The launch of the Smart car in America has sparked an interest in other manufacturers though. The Smart car (Mercedes-Benz), could be found quietly zooming around the streets in Europe for the past several years. Due to the tiny size of this car it could be parked virtually anywhere. The Smart is very fuel efficient as well, which means a lot to consumers these days. The Smart also topped the charts in the crash tests, beating out many larger vehicles. The Smart is a highly desired micro-car. The Smart car is now buzzing all over The United States and leaving drivers of gas guzzlers wishing they were as Smart as this auto. Many car manufacturers have noticed the sudden interest in these vehicles and are now coming up with possible innovations and upgrades. Toyota has already revealed their 2009 IQ. The IQ is being called a 3 + 1, which means that either 3 adults and 1 child or a piece of luggage can be transported comfortably. This car is more appealing to anyone looking to carry more than 1 driver and 1 passenger, like the Smart car. The IQ also received a 5 star safety rating in crash tests. It is evident that micro cars are the wave of the future. People are looking for reliable, safe and gas efficient automobiles, and the Smart and the IQ are very intelligent choices. I am willing to bet that more of these super compact creations will soon arise. Does anyone else want a real life Micro Machine as bad as I do??

Toyota IQ >>


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