Save us Obama!!

There is good news and bad news for Barack Obama. The good news is that the possibility for Presidential nomination is now looking brighter than ever. It will be nice to have an intelligent, sympathetic and charismatic President. Now the bad news… we have had an empty White House for 8 years and during this period America has fallen into a serious depression. I hope Barack is willing to take out his shovel and dig, because the U.S. is buried in Bush’s shit. America is the youngest nation in the world and also holds a lot of potential to become one of the greatest countries. Right now America is the bully that every other country hates, because the son of an asshole has been destroying bonds that have been passed down the presidential chain for decades. Healthcare is a joke! Gas prices are astronomical. Food and rent are also at all time highs. Right now, The United States of America has nothing to offer anyone. I feel bad for whoever wins the Presidency in November (Barack Obama). It will be a difficult task for the leader of this country. We will have to devise a secure plan to get our Military out of a pointless war that was started for the sole purpose of OIL. Bush has failed everyone across the world. I hope there will never be another Bush in the White house again. Good luck Obama.


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3 responses to “Save us Obama!!

  • Ute

    Babe, I could not agree more. I think they should print that in the student newspaper, well maybe you would have to cross out some terms. :) I dont even care who wins anymore, as long as it will get better, before I make you move to Germany! :)

  • Paul B.

    Angela Merkel for Vice President!!!! Oh wait.. wrong country, sorry.

  • Romi

    I’ve been watching this all from my rearview mirror in Toronto whilst facing north, and all I can say is that the wind currents from the Gulf of Mexico are strong, so strong that they carry the stench of Bush’s shit all the way up to Canada!!! ..yes, I hope someone cleans it up fast!

    PS: nice blog, found you through Paul’s site :-)

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