May/June Playlist

Why listen to what everyone else is listening to? Follow me and I’ll introduce you to some new music. Please do yourself a favor and listen.

Band//// Song

1) The Notwist– Pick up the Phone

2) Malajube – Pate Filo

3) Nada Surf – See these bones

4) Stars – In our bedroom after the war

5) Diamond J and the rough – Norah Jones acoustic

6) The New Amsterdams – Wait

7) Blackpool Lights – Crash sounds

8 Koufax – Name of love

9) Minus Story – Come into my arms

10) Handshakes and Highfives – Maybe next time

11) Old Canes – Both falling bright

12) Bad Veins – Afraid

13) Damien Rice – Older chests

14) Get well soon – If this hat is missing I

I think these are great musicians with a lot of talent. Tell me what you think.


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6 responses to “May/June Playlist

  • San

    LOVE nadasurf… haven’t listened to them in ages.

  • Justin_Michael

    @ San: Yeah, back when they had their hit song Popular. Haha. They were so different and cool. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the bands. Maybe Jon wants to listen too… he might get inspired.

  • Winnie

    nada surf was playing in munich a few weeks ago. i missed the show but we met them later that night…they were partying at the same club than us…


  • Sylvia

    I absolutely love Damien Rice and his new song is great! Just discovering some of the other bands you have linked…thanks for sharing!

  • SHAN

    Amazing Playlist..
    Particularly fond of Malajube :) Canadian Music rocks!
    Great Site BTW :D

  • Paul B

    Excuse me…! I think you forgot David Hasselhof from that list. He is like all cool and trendy and stuff and only the Germans have ever heard of him. Really.

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