Daily Archives: May 31, 2008

May/June Playlist

Why listen to what everyone else is listening to? Follow me and I’ll introduce you to some new music. Please do yourself a favor and listen.

Band//// Song

1) The Notwist– Pick up the Phone

2) Malajube – Pate Filo

3) Nada Surf – See these bones

4) Stars – In our bedroom after the war

5) Diamond J and the rough – Norah Jones acoustic

6) The New Amsterdams – Wait

7) Blackpool Lights – Crash sounds

8 Koufax – Name of love

9) Minus Story – Come into my arms

10) Handshakes and Highfives – Maybe next time

11) Old Canes – Both falling bright

12) Bad Veins – Afraid

13) Damien Rice – Older chests

14) Get well soon – If this hat is missing I

I think these are great musicians with a lot of talent. Tell me what you think.